Hello and welcome to Sole Paths!

This eight-week online course guides participants toward healing after a bad breakup to break the pattern of anger and resentment that always follows.

Ten years ago I faced the anger and resentment that followed a terrible breakup. The dissolution of our relationship carved a hole in my heart that left me confused, bitter and unable to relate to others. 

As a psychotherapist and coach, I made the decision to practice what I preach and put the time and effort into healing. The steps I made with therapy alone helped, but didn't ultimately fix my emotional well-being. Despite my own professional expertise, therapy and knowledge, I still had feelings of rage and frustration.

I finally decided to put all of my knowledge together to focus on moving past the trauma of the breakup, embrace forgiveness and step into a new and healthy relationship. By combining a variety of tools I was able to create a comprehensive healing tool that transformed me completely.

Sole Paths is different...

Sole Paths was designed to provide a holistic approach to healing. This path to healing includes your past, accepting your present and creating your future. 

By the end of this eight-week program you will be ready to:

  • Stop rehashing the past, fully move on, and focus powerfully on your confidence, radiance, and self-esteem, even if right now the pain is still unbelievably raw. 
  • Easily navigate your breakup, and actually get excited for saying goodbye to their past and look forward to creating a new future. 
  • Find your right next person, avoid the pain and pitfalls of dating ... And start new relationships on YOUR terms, so you never again settle for less than you deserve. 
  • Build stronger bonds with your kids, even if you're feeling overwhelmed and out of control with shared custody co-parenting.
  • Do ALL this, even while you’re struggling with anger, sadness resentment and feel like a shell of your former self.

Elements of this Program

Sole Paths helps you uncover your true, authentic self so you can begin to navigate the world with optimism, hope and eyes for loving again.

  • Neurobiology

  • Attachment Theory

  • Parental Archetypes

  • Healing Past Wounds

  • Healing Sexual Trauma

  • Gender Roles

  • Nervous System

  • Higher Connection

  • Non-Verbal Communication

Sole Paths is an Eight Week Course That Includes

  • Weekly lessons that deliver an organized and effective path toward healing

  • Weekly group coaching that will focus on healing and community

  • Personal coaching through email with me during the eight weeks

  • A vibrant Facebook community for support and love


  • How much time do I need to dedicate to the course?

    The course is open to you forever. So you can join us, do the weekly work as much as possible and join our group calls. If you commit about 2-4 hours per week, that will be fantastic.

  • Is the course self-paced

    The online course material is self-paced. But we have a weekly live group call that you won't want to miss. The Circle Gatherings are on zoom and are every Thursday at 12pm MST (11am CST/10am EST).

  • What if I want to go through the course material again?

    You have lifetime access to the course. The practices in the lessons can be done multiple times if desired.

  • Is there a Facebook Group?

    Yes! Come join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/divorcehealingcircle

  • I've tried therapy and it didn't work. Will this help me?

    Yes! Emphatically yes. I am so proud of the completeness of this course and am confident that you will experience great healing through it.

  • I would like one on one therapy. Is that available?

    I do offer one on one therapy for those who want a more personalized approach to healing. Contact me for more details.

Does the breakup still feel raw?

That feeling in your gut that gnaws at you when you think of the past, what could have been, and what went wrong feels like it will never go away. But it is possible. 

👉 Do you feel hopeless about your future when you think about what could have, or should have been?

👉 Do you struggle to talk about anything else except for the breakup?

👉 Do you wish you had more friends going through the same thing so you can discuss the breakup freely?

👉 Do you distrust yourself and your judgment in finding a new partner?

👉 Do you feel like new love is a completely lost cause? 

If you want to create a future that is full of hope, positivity and new love, this course is for you! If you are ready to let go of past hurt and discover a new way of navigating through relationships that opens doors of hope and possibility, join us. 

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